A Clear Purpose

NAHEC aspires for academic excellence through a balanced combination of faith, teaching and learning within the context of Christian holiness.

Nazarene Higher Education Consortium

Setting the Stage

The establishment of the Nazarene Higher Education Consortium (NAHEC) began in 2004 with a survey conducted to find out what people thought about the establishment of a Nazarene University in Swaziland. Based on the findings of the survey, the National Board of the Church of the Nazarene in Swaziland declared the merger of the three Nazarene colleges, namely, Nazarene College of Theology, Nazarene College of Nursing and Nazarene Teacher's Training College.

In January 2005 the preparation toward the merger began. Various committee were established and each one of these committees were given specific tasks to perform. These committees worked tirelessly as a result the Nazarene Higher Education Consortium (NAHEC) was launched on 22nd October 2007.

The goals and objectives of the Consortium

The goal envisioned by the Church within this commitment is to develop the best possible standard of education within a contextualized framework which will enable the graduates of the consortium to become critical thinkers, engage in continuous education, become responsible leader and become committed Christian.

To facilitate the achievement of the above mentioned goal, NAHEC has the following objectives:

  • Offer programmes that are responsive and sensitive to global needs
  • Develop centres of excellence in various educational undertakings through programme development
  • Provide an environment for higher learning that is supportive of holistic human development
  • Provide learning environment which combines religious, academic and scientific perspectives

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